Learning technology provides entry into global job markets giving an individual the opportunity to fly with new wings, but what's even more is that it has the power to shape entire economies.

Tech Centered Economic Development

Imagine what Nepal would look like in five years, if programming became a core part of Nepal's national curriculum. People in villages would have access to global job markets without having to leave their families to earn a little money in the desert. With such low start-up costs, tech entrepreneurism would explode aiding in the sustainable economic development of the country. Innovation would accelerate and social challenges would be solved. Just look at the rise of Bangalore, India. Practically overnight the city became the Silicon Valley of India. Education is where to start.

Hacker Pedagogy

We believe that the best educational curriculum are built around solving real world challenges. Sure wrote memorization is great if you want to create human hard drives, but we focus on empowering our students to think creatively, share their ideas openly, be inquisitive, and have the self-confidence and skills necessary to tackle any challenge.

Hacker Ethics For Education

Open Access

We believe that knowledge and information should be freely shared and have open access regardless of your location, financial abilities, race, sex, or gender.  


We believe that a healthy dose of skepticism aimed at the knowledge we are are consuming not only creates an open-learning environment, but that it's a necessary skill to apply to news, social media, and other people's opinions. Questioning authority is not only healthy it makes you smarter. 

Hands On Imperative

We love theory and books and we utilize them in our curriculum, but in the end the best programmer is going to be the one who spent the most time breaking things and fixing them. 

Self Directed

To know how to master one's own education is the most valuable skill we try to instill. With such a vast array of knowledge available on the internet we can find solutions to challenges. 

Teach Yourself

Teaching someone how to come to knowledge on their own is to show them everything at once. Teach logic and creativity and show them what excellent means to some people. 

Humanitarian Projects

Our programs are project based. We believe that technology is something that should be used to aid humanity. The projects we teach through are humanitarian and meant to have people interact with technology for a greater good. 

Each 1 Teach 1

The thing about knowledge is that is always passed from one person to another. We all have someone to thank for all the things we know. We believe that it's an ethical imperative to teach and pass on the information we have been given. 

Collaborative Learning

We know that a diverse group of students who collaborate and share the knowledge they posses not only provides a greater chance to learn more, but it also helps create a community based around sharing. 

Who We Serve

Rural Villages25%
NGO's and Local Business25%

Educational Priorities

We focus on empowering universities, rural villages, businesses, NGO's, and private students with educational opportunities that bridge the digital divide in impoverished disaster zones.

Rural Programs

Rural villages in Nepal are lacking quality educators, technological infrastructure, and other educational resources critical to providing a quality learning experience. Dropout rates are extremely high, because it's more profitable to have your kids work in the fields than attend school. We hope that by teaching web development and programming we can create a financial reason for kids to continue with their education rather than dropout.


We also work with public universities by setting up educational programs, providing access to technologies like 3d printers and drones, and create educational opportunities. We also strive to bridge the gap between education and the workforce with Ignite, our incubation and accelerator program.

Businesses and NGO's

We provide free training and consultation for local NGO's and businesses who can't afford these training on their own. We do this to empower the change makers trying to make a social impact and to empower economic growth.


Individuals without access to universities or schools are a major priority for us. We create an open environment and learning space to aid individuals in reaching new heights. We understand that college isn't right for everyone so we help individuals get a proper education to pursue their goals.

Learn With Us


We organize and provide

Our Programs

Web Development

We offer code camps and training that can take an individual from basic to advances front and back end developers. 


We teach networking skills that has our students taking internet to rural village, utilizing Linux, and desinging and installing networks. 


Information Security is becoming more crucial to business and government operations. We offer the skills necessary to secure and protect data.

3d Printing

From 3d modeling to manually editing G-code we equip our clients with skills necessary to design and produce their own 3d printed objects.


We teach and develop programs built to empower students to build and design their own drones.


We teach our students how to design, test, and produce electronics like Iot, robotics, 3d printers, and more. 

Basic Computers

Some students, especially in rural villages, need to learn everything from typing to installing software. Everyone starts somewhere. 

Corporate Skills

We train businesses and organizations how to utilize technology to help with finances, accounting,task management and communitations

Business Incubation

We provide the skills and education needed to start your own company. Check out Ignite, our incubation program. 

An Edu-Tech World

Today technology is changing the face of education. From internet in rural villages that connect remote teachers to combat a local shortage of qualified teachers to educational apps and devices that change how people learn. That's why we are translating learning apps and have plans on developing remote learning opportunities in combination with our internet to rural village program.

We Need You!

Yes, there are opportunities for most self-driven individuals, but we are especially looking for a few people with the following skills: Social Media, Web Developers, Business Managers, Marketing Experts, CEO's, Mechanical Engineers, and Network Engineers. Contact us if you want to start-up or volunteer your time to help disaster zones recover.

Wanna Start-Up?

We are looking for self-motivate people with a drive to create their own futures. We not only start our own businesses, but we also incubate other people's for free. If you are interested in starting something or joining one of our business endeavors please fill out the contact form or email info@disasterhack.org.

The Process

We initially develop an idea and research to see if the idea is economically viable. We conduct market research, refine our product, develop our business plan, and execute. Each participant learns how to develop business plans, marketing strategies, operational process, quality assurance, funding acquisition, and more.

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