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Collaboratively Managed and Collectively Owned Tech Start-Ups

We believe that tech based sustainable development is the future. Whether you are hunting unicorns or you are just trying to start a small tech business, the economic possibilities tech based development offers are only limited by your ideas and your drive.
Disaster Hack Founder Matt Rockwell


A Tech Centered Development Program that

Why Tech Start Ups?


By creating a link to global job markets and through online learning, people in remote villages can begin creating their own futures with technology. It has the potential to reduce the brain drain countries and villages without proper education and economic opportunities experience.


Have you seen what's happened in Bangalore, India? In a very short time span the country has become one of the leading technology hubs in the world. We know all what the IT industry can do for an economy. So what are you waiting for?


A person can learn to code in as little as 3 months and have the skills necessary to build their own online businesses or find a career as a developer. With the right mixture of timing, organization, good ideas, and a solid team a business can take off in a very short amount of time.


Who doesn't like low overhead costs? Compared to traditional "brick and mortar" business, tech companies have an easier time boot-strapping towards success. All you need is a laptop, internet connection, and some time and anyone can create a better future for themselves. Technology is creating opportunity for most individuals to power up their own future. 


In impoverished villages and urban disaster zones revenue streams are limited by the size and demographics of their local markets. By connecting people and business to customers around the world tech start-ups can increase the earning potential of victims of natural disasters in both urban and rural settings.  


Information Technology is only going to play a bigger role in all aspects of business and society. Smart phone usage is exploding in rural areas increasing the size the tech markets in rural areas, new technologies are being invented everyday to gain efficiency and solve problems previously unsolvable. The future is big. 

Our Programs

Business Creation

We create businesses by putting together great ideas, solid planning, a team of talented and motivate people, and acquire funding. The business is owned by the founders and the organization ensuring that we are equally invested and motivated to the success of our businesses. The organization's share of profits is democratically allocated to serve people in disaster zones.


Is your idea ready for orbit? We offer consulting, incubation, and acceleration for free to individuals and startups. Without proper research, organizational planning, and effective strategies; startups with great potential can fail miserably. We are here to offer our support to those trying to change the world with social enterprise or create economic self-sufficiency for themselves.

Ignite With Us


Our Story

Disaster Hack started a year after the earthquakes in Nepal, by Matt Rockwell. After surviving the quake Matt led a grassroots relief campaign that distributed relief materials to 10,000+ people in rural villages and saw over 200 volunteers in 2 months. After returning to the U.S., he began formalizing Disaster Hack in order to help disaster zones recover and build economic sustainability utilizing tech. He realized early that he could either spend his time writing grants or creating businesses to fund the hacker school. He opted for creating sustainable businesses, but instead of hiring employees he decided to find co-founders looking for business opportunities.

Co-Operative Economics

Founded on the principles of private initiative, entrepreneurship and self-employment, underpinned by the values of democracy, equality and solidarity, the co-operative movement can help pave the way to a more just and inclusive economic order.
Kofi Annan

A "No-Brainer"

As a start-up organization ourselves, we realized quickly that we could either spend our time grant writing or generate our own revenue through entrepreneurial endeavors. It was a "no-brainer". Since one of our main missions is to help people gain the economic resilience and self-sustainability to survive the next natural disaster we decided to start social businesses that not only generate revenue and fuel social change, but that provide people the opportunity to become business owners. It's a "win-win" for everyone.

Our Model

We believe it's not only possible for everyone to find meaning in their work, but that it's something we all want to strive for . We believe that together we can disrupt our capitalist norms by finding a better, more socially responsible model that serves both society at large and the financial desires of the individual. 51% of the business's shares are held by Disaster Hack the remaining shares are doled out as employees, founders, and investors are given their share of the pie. Our piece of the pie is then allocated to social good according to a democratic vote. These profits can only be reinvested or spent on social change. So even if we start a chewing gum company, our employees can rest assured their work means something.

Founding Principals

Community Driven



Each startup begins with an idea. Sometimes it comes like a lightening bolt and sometimes it comes over time working on problem looking for a solution. This phase is full of excitement, promise, and optimism.



An idea is a great start, but the work really begins here. From developing reliable delivery methods of your product to finding the markets you need to engage in. This phase is challenging, but follow the plan and never give up. 



At this phase of the startup game, most founders feel demoralized and weak, but they have found some success in delivering their product. Revenue is coming in, but hiring for critical roles begins here. 



So, you have made it past the first few phases of a startup and have taken your idea and turned it into a sustainable business. Now it's time to develop strong procedures to continue your success and continue growing. 



We aren't like everyone else.......All of our profits go only towards a public good. We believe that making a living and doing good is not only achievable; it's a moral imperative.

We Need You!

Yes, there are opportunities for most self-driven individuals, but we are especially looking for a few people with the following skills: Social Media, Web Developers, Business Managers, Marketing Experts, CEO's, Mechanical Engineers, and Network Engineers. Contact us if you want to start-up or volunteer your time to help disaster zones recover.

Wanna Start-Up?

We are looking for self-motivate people with a drive to create their own futures. We not only start our own businesses, but we also incubate other people's for free. If you are interested in starting something or joining one of our business endeavors please fill out the contact form or email

The Process

We initially develop an idea and research to see if the idea is economically viable. We conduct market research, refine our product, develop our business plan, and execute. Each participant learns how to develop business plans, marketing strategies, operational process, quality assurance, funding acquisition, and more.

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