The Outing’s Project

  Thanks to the french artist Julien de Casiabianca and his team from the Outings Project for installing such a beautiful piece of  Buddhist artwork in near the Buddhist Swoyambhu […]

KTM Art Projects

We believe that art can help people heal, that it can bring a community of people together, that it can express feelings, and that it can expand people’s possibilities and […]


We believe that education is being aided by technology more and more. The solutions are perfect, but they sure do help. For people in rural villages who lack access to […]

Business Incubation

One of the greatest thing we can do for other human being is help them reach their potential. He consult and incubate small tech start-ups by helping them with their […]

Hack School Code Camp

 Hack School: Code to Create Possibility We believe that programming is one of the most profitable and entrepreneurial skill sets a person can learn. Not only does coding pay comparably […]

3d Printed Prosthesis

Limbpact  In some ways we are just a bunch of humanitarian nerds with 3d printers. So obviously we looked for ways to utilize our printers to affect real people’s lives […]

Kathmandu Headquarters

  We have recently started construction of our new bamboo hackerspace in Kathmandu. It is meant to serve as a creative model for how we can build inexpensively from locally […]


  We were recently invited by www., a Nepalese art organization, to assist in the construction of their Community Arts Center (C.A.C..) The C.A.C. will serve the local village […]

Chinta Burn

Our project’s start date is May 12th,  and will be marked by community art burn. The Gairimudi Art Burn is a first of it’s kind community building project, where kids, […]