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Hack School Code Camp

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 Hack School: Code to Create Possibility

We believe that programming is one of the most profitable and entrepreneurial skill sets a person can learn. Not only does coding pay comparably well, but it can break the geographical barrier by allowing people to compete in global job markets. It’s got the lowest start up costs compared to other business; all you need is a computer and an internet connection and you can create hosts of  various internet based businesses.

We offer code camps to schools, individuals, universtities in both urban and rural settings in Nepal.  Our curriculum teaches people how to critically solve problems by themselves, promotes creative thinking, fosters critical analysis, how to ask the right questions, and where to find their solutions. We offer a range of subjects from networking, full-stack javascript, linux, social media, SEO. You can start learning online free on our FCC app here. (We cloned the app so we could translate all the strings.)

The students we take through our JS Front End Certification program are taught both entrepreneurial skills from business organization, marketing research, social media, bootstrapping, pitching, operational planning, and more. At the end of the 3 month course students will have built several sites, with the final site a legitimate business the students can generate revenue from. Read More.


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