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We specialize in creating custom IT Solutions.

Quality Solutions that Help Heal and Grow

Customer Satisfaction Is Our #1 Priority

Our #1 priority is customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on effective communication that ensures your ideas are implemented with complete satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction

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Who We Are


Whenever possible we hire developers who have survived and live in impoverished disaster zones. People who have lost their homes, friends, and families. The people that need the work the most.


Sometimes the best option is to keep development in your home country. That's why our team also consists of professionals from the United States, France, the U.K., Israel, and Estonia.


We often partner with other companies who can help fill a specific niche to a project. These established professional companies are vetted and have a proven track record of success.

Custumizable Solutions

Affordable Custom Tailored Solutions

Our #1 priority is customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on effective communication that ensures your ideas are implemented with complete satisfaction.



With a rich and varied experience in providing offshore software development, project management capabilities and stringent quality standards ensure us to develop solutions that give your business an edge over your competitors.

Full Stack

Your users expect excellent service and interaction, tailored information, rich interaction and a multiplatform experience. You need your applications to be secure, scalable and simple to adapt and deploy. Building compelling applications requires a full stack approach. That's where we come in.


Our team's dedication to the Scrum development process is what helps us to create your project on time and within the budget. It also ensures that the project is completed iteratively ensuring the project is completed on time


We hire experienced coders and project managers that can help your latest projects launch with style. Our developers have worked for major companies like Google, The U.S. Department of Defense, Soundcloud, and Burning Man.


Our network team is composed of brilliant network architects and installers specialized in designing and implementing Linux networks in harsh remote environments like the Himalayas, the Black Rock Desert, and Antarctica.


We are a team of outside of the box thinkers whose fire burns with innovation and creativity. If your project needs an injection of creative inspiration, look no further. Request a free quote.


We intentionally hire developers and staff from impoverished disaster zones enabling survivors to help rebuild their homes and restore their lives.

Explore Possibilities


Each project begins with a dialogue to explore and understand what your needs are. Our team of project managers and engineers will discuss with you the scope and breadth of your needs and projects.



After we have explored the details of your project, our team will research and determine the best possible solutions for your IT needs and work together with you to determine what solution is right for your project and your budget.



After reviewing all the options and settling on the best possible solution, DisasterHack will provide you with an all-inclusive estimate to achieve your project goals on time and within the budget. 



Once a proposal has been agreed upon; our team of  managers and engineers develop and test your project utilizing the Scrum development protocols.  Rest assured that we have a strict code of confidentiality; regardless if you choose us to help develop your project.



We aren't like everyone else.......All of our profits go only towards a public good. We believe that making a living and doing good is not only achievable; it's a moral imperative.

The Pudding


Our diverse team is what gives us the flexibility to meet your needs. With native speaking project managers that can effectively communicate your ideas to offshore engineers, your projects have the benefit of onshore, nearshore, and offshore development.


We help businesses and individuals complete their projects and do good all at the same time. We serve as the link between your business and quality service providers from disaster zones for all of your offshore outsourcing needs. Not only does it help the people and economies that need it most, but we help save you money, ensure that deadlines are met, that top notch quality is produced, and trust is established

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