Only a life lived for others is worth living.
Albert Einstein

We Have Got Volunteer Opportunities For Everyone


Creativity is perhaps one of the most valuable traits human being exhibit. We have opportunities for artists interested in teaching art in rural villages, creating art projects, and empowering people with creative thinking and personal expression.

Architects and Engineers

Are you an architect and engineer that thinks outside the box? We have opportunites for architects and engineers to help design innovative buildings that are meant to inspire creativity in disaster zones.

3d Printing Wranglers

We offer free 3d printing services to organizations, hospitals, schools, and individual who can't afford it or don't have the expertise and/or equipment to make it happen. We provide a unique opportunity to volunteers interested in making a difference with 3d printers.

Office and Marketing

We have opportunities for office and marketing interns and volunteers who want to make a difference. Opportunities for people who want to help with email, social media, and direct marketing. We have office tasks too! Drop us a line

Project Managers

Would you like to gain some experience managing development and educational projects? We can help you gain some experience as a project manager while making a social impact in disaster zones. From Technology to Art Projects we have amazing opportunities for you to get involved.


Do you want to teach? We have a variety of opportunities for tech, construction, architectures, and language teachers, both in rural villages and in major cities. We believe that education is a key ingredient to all development and recovery, do you?

Makers and Builders

We have building projects that range from art installations in rural villages, earth bag homes, innovative architecture, bamboo construction, and more. We love making things and have plenty of opportunities for makers of all sorts.

Graphic Designers

Talented graphic designers are a crucial part of any web development and marketing campaigns. We can always use a few more artists to help us and other NGO's who need assistance with their marketing and and websites.


We help NGO's and not-for-profit organizations with their programming needs when they can't afford it. If you would like to assist organizations with their website and software development needs. We have projects for beginner web developers and experienced professionals.

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Why Volunteer?


  • We help our volunteers develop their personal and professional skills. 

  • Gain valuable experience that can help you down your career path while changing the world. 

  • Volunteering not only helps the people we serve, it helps us grow personally into better humans. 

  • Level Up. Live a life less ordinary and step out of your comfort zone to tackle problems. 

  • Meet interesting people new people and potential new clients from all over the world. 

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